Cocktail Furniture



Dry Bar Table - $25 

1.1m High, 600mm Diam. Top

Normally $30 each




Dry Bar Cover Black - $12 

 Assorted colours available





                                      Dry Bar Cover White - $20 

                  Dry Bar Covers can be twisted or tied with a sash to

                   suit your theme, or a simple doyley can be just the

                   thing to add that vintage touch.




                  Bar Stool Polyvogue - $12 each Normally $16.50

                         Black Stylish Seat with Stainless Steel Frame





             Ottoman Bench Seat 1.5m Long - $50 

                 Great for casual seating and conversation pits


          Ottoman Bench Seat 1.5mL - $50 

              Available in white or black  



                                          Ottoman Cube - $20 


                                            Ottomans - great for a touch of atmosphere!



                Coffee Table - $25 each Normally $45

                      750mm Square Black




                Coffee Table - $25 each Normally $45

                      600mm Diam Round White





                        Illuminated Bars - Everyone will know the Bar is open!: 









 2-Module Basic - $150

(1600mm W x 800mm D) - $150




3-Module - $200

(2500mm W x 800mm D) - $200




4-Module - $250

(3400mm W x 800mm D) 

Create your own Bar Station with a Marquee, Cocktail Machine, Illuminated Bar!







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